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How we help cotton growers


Since 2012, Southern Cotton has been helping cotton growers in the NSW Southern Valleys get the highest return on every crop through our best-practice ginning services.

You'll love working closely with our award-winning team, who'll personalise your ginning contract and ginning rates. At Southern Cotton, we make the process easy. You won't have to worry about anything.

Here's what we do


Cotton ginning

Consistently ranked as one of the best gins in Australia, privately-owned Southern Cotton provides fast, timely ginning for local growers. Plus:

    • Tailored logistics
    • Cottonseed marketing
    • Maximum seed program
    • Cotton lint marketing flexibility
    • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tracking system
    • Personal grower portal with current and historical reporting.


An AQIS-approved site, with authorised officers onsite at all times, Southern Cotton exports both cotton lint and cottonseed directly from the gin to the port. This is the most cost-effective method of transporting our produce from the Riverina.

When you export with Southern Cotton, you can expect the following:

    • Timely packing with no cut-offs for container delivery to port missed
    • Re-bagging of any cotton lint not export ready
    • Accurate and compliant export documentation

Our warehousing service involves loading bales into containers live (while still on trucks) to reduce turnaround times.



Want to store your bales? Southern Cotton's warehousing facility allows our growers to store bales, in the following situations:

    • Bales can be stored, without prior sale, while growers wait for classing results
    • Bales can be stored and tendered via Proclass
    • Bales can be stored for merchants and picked into lots before packing into containers for exporting
    • With a large, sealed concrete staging area, the Southern Cotton warehouse protects bales.


At Southern Cotton, we're recognised for our dedication to best management practices. Our best-practice philosophy is showcased on our own myBMP accredited farm, Tubbo Irrigation.

Here, we grow our own cotton and winter cereals on 2,000 hectares of leased land, allowing growers to kick the dirt and talk all-things cotton with our friendly directors and farm staff. Based in Coleambally, growers are welcome to contact Paul Flewitt (paul.flewitt@southerncotton.com.au) at any time, to take a tour.


Cottonseed enquiry

At Southern Cotton, cottonseed can be purchased directly from the gin. Price varies according to current market conditions. For cottonseed enquires email cottonseed@southerncotton.com.au.

We don't JUST gin your cotton


Our built-in services and benefits include:

    • Timely ginning
    • Tailored logistics
    • Cottonseed marketing
    • Maximum seed program
    • Accurate RFID tracking system, including tailor made reporting system
    • Cotton lint storage flexibility
    • Contract picking assistance
    • Broken module assistance
    • Ability to accept cotton in all weather.

Additional benefits include:

    • In-depth tour of our gin and operational processes
    • Personal networking opportunities with experienced growers
    • Latest reports and free industry workshops
    • 24/7 access to your latest data through our members' website
    • Field trial management support.

What our growers are saying


Anthony Ryan

Cotton producer, Leeton NSW

"The gin was upfront with us when we signed up. By being honest with us, I am now a loyal grower to Southern Cotton."


Dallas Stott

Cotton producer, Whitton NSW

"We've had a fantastic experience with Southern Cotton. They have great communication and go above and beyond to deliver on any requests."


Andrew O'Connor

Cotton producer, Coleambally NSW

"With Southern Cotton, the sharing of knowledge and information in the pre-season, the walkthrough farm tours, and access to data research results has helped us learn more about growing cotton."

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