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Who is Southern Cotton?


Southern Cotton is an independently-owned ginning facility located in Whitton, in the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area (MIA), southern NSW. Since 2012, we've been providing cotton ginning services to growers who value the excellent return and ongoing support from our award-winning team.

We're proud to be recognised for the role we've played in sharing the story of cotton to the broader community, even changing perceptions of the cotton industry through education initiatives, mentoring, and research. We continue to raise awareness of the industry's environmental credentials.

Major Milestones


The Southern Cotton Story

In May 2011, a group of local irrigators had a vision for the cotton industry in southern NSW: set up a cotton ginning facility that would provide a highly-profitable alternative crop for farmers in the Murrumbidgee Valley and offer affordable freight and logistics management.


With up to 60 local growers also eager to use the facility, the group took up the challenge to develop the site in under 12-months.


Taking a hands-on approach to the ambitious project, they transformed a subdivided 'greenfield' site into an operational $26 million gin. In June 2012, the first Southern Cotton bale was ginned. Southern Cotton ginned the most bales ever in a first-year gin, processing 166,234 bales.


The new gin provided Southern Valleys' growers with access to fast, quality ginning.  This combined with the reality that the crop had the best return, encouraged farmers to grow cotton.

What Matters to Southern Cotton


Our mission is to gin cotton at the highest quality, in the most efficient manner, to secure the best price for the grower and best quality for the end user.


Our values

Our core organisational values underpin everything we do. We believe they demonstrate our character and beliefs as a business and each team member has committed to act in a way that's consistent with our values.

  • Maximise returns - we are committed to achieving the best return possible for our growers. All cotton is ginned to base grade or better with quality the focus of all production.
  • Quality improvement - our focus on ginning innovation will ensure a quality product with maximum yield to our growers.
  • Exceptional customer service - our goal is to deliver products and services that always exceed expectations.
  • Education - we are committed to raising awareness within the broader community of the cotton industry's environmental credentials.
  • Community - where possible, we will support bodies that promote education, mentoring, industry research and the next generation of agricultural leaders.

What our growers are saying

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