Case study: Dallas Stott 


"In the 2016 season we planted 700 hectares and have averaged over 13 bales per hectare," says Dallas.

Dallas Stott

Innovation and forward thinking

Dallas and Liz Stott are young and innovative growers who value the environmental credentials and forward thinking of the cotton industry. The 'cottonseed' was first planted for the Stott's in 2011.

The establishment of Southern Cotton gin in 2012 was instrumental for many growers, like Dallas and Liz, in expanding their production due to the new reality of cheaper freight and timely ginning.

"Our first cotton crop in the 2010/11 season was 120 hectares. Even though it was an average season, the development of the Southern Cotton gin encouraged us to increase our 2011/12 crop to 500 hectares," Liz said.

Innovation and state-of-the-art technology is a central focus for Southern Cotton gin, making the gin an ideal choice for growers who align with this ideal.

On the frontline of farming innovation and efficiencies, the Stott's have already converted from siphon watering systems to gravity-fed bankless channels and developed their own automated irrigation system, which will water around 40 per cent of next year's cotton crop.

They also enjoy the benefits of the John Deere GPS tracking system and trouble shooting improvements with the collected data; as well as adopting new tractor technology such as remote display access and steerable tracking discs - all of which makes their job easier and a lot more exciting!

It is innovation and forward thinking like this that contributes to the Australian cotton industry being recognised as a leader in sustainable cotton practices on an international scale.

"Because cotton is sold on a global scale there is no next door competition," Dallas has said of his experience with the cotton industry. "We grow together and share efciencies rather than hiding information, and this is essential to building a sustainable future in cotton."

"We've had a fantastic experience with Southern Cotton. They have great communication and go above and beyond to deliver on any requests," Dallas said. "I can see their progression forward with improved reporting systems, wireless data transfer and the new grower app. These are all really useful tools for growers and it makes our job a lot easier."

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