Case study: Donna Wiseman 


Coleambally cotton grower Donna Wiseman, pictured in her 2016 cotton crop.

Donna Wiseman

Coleambally cotton grower

Her motto, "Whatever needs to be done", sums up the spirit of this Coleambally grower, who started growing cotton in the 2011-2012 season with a modest 30-hectare crop

In the field, on a tractor, or at the end of a shovel, Donna Wiseman wears many hats in the family farming business. She, together with husband, Lincoln, has been growing a variety of crops - rice, corn, sunflowers, maize, and sorghum - for more than 32 years.

In 2011-12, the Wisemans turned to cotton, putting a "toe in the water" with a 30-hectare crop. The move was prompted by the appeal of cotton marketing and the ability to forward sell a crop three to four years ahead, on your own terms.

Today, they primarily grow cotton and maize.

"We've reached the 400-hectare mark with cotton. The experience has been more than a learning curve, I would say it has been a cliff! But we've held our nerve and thrown everything at growing cotton. We can definitely see a future in it," Donna said.

2018 is the first season Donna and Lincoln have not had any corn in the ground.

For Donna, the fact cotton is a technology-based crop is proving to be a positive in regional communities. The challenge and opportunity of growing cotton is bringing "young guns" back to the farm. Two of the Wisemans' four sons have returned to the farm to work.

While Donna describes growing cotton as a "young person's game" because Coleambally cotton grower Donna Wiseman, pictured in her 2016 cotton crop. of the drive and energy involved, she believes the growth of the industry in southern NSW is thanks to the team at Southern Cotton, who has created this momentum by providing good, old-fashioned service for cotton growers.

"Southern Cotton is always friendly and professional. I have found the team to be helpful in giving advice to support you in getting the results that you want," she said.

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